Same Sex Relationships

A few observations:

Domestic abuse is equally as likely to occur in same-sex and heterosexual relationships. Around 25% of people in same-sex relationships will experience some form of abuse.

There remains a stigma attached to the reporting of abuse, and members of the LGBT community are less likely to be taken seriously by statutory authorities.

Abusers within same-sex relationships will often use guilt, shame and threats to control victims.

What I offer:

*Increased confidence to acknowledge, identify, understand and address abusive behaviour
*Extensive knowledge of the LGBT community – 13 years of experience in working with LGBT cases

*Development of personal awareness and true self-value – using a range of psychological, spiritual and humanistic techniques
*Enhanced personal confidence. Abuse within the LGBT community is often hidden, under-reported and minimised – this needs to change.

(The above list is not exhaustive – it is designed to provide a ‘flavour’ of the support that I can offer. I offer bespoke, tailored intervention that suits your individual needs and circumstances).