Male Victims

A few observations:

Far fewer men than women report domestic abuse – around half in comparison, according to national statistics.

There remains a stigma attached to men acknowledging that they are being abused

Men are less likely than women to be taken seriously when they report domestic abuse

An increased number of men reported abuse during the COVID-19 lock down

What I offer:

*Development of awareness of what is, and is not, abusive behaviour
*Increased understanding that any form of abuse is unacceptable, is not gender- specific and impacts on men as much as women. 

*It is OK to admit that you are being abused.

*Development of personal awareness and true self-value – using a range of psychological, spiritual and humanistic techniques

*Learning ways to spot abusive behaviour, resolve and avoid conflict situations

*Safety and/or support planning as necessary

(The above list is not exhaustive – it is designed to provide a ‘flavour’ of the support that I can offer. I offer bespoke, tailored intervention that suits your individual needs and circumstances).