Heterosexual Female Victims

A few observations:

In the year ending March 2019, 1.6 million women reported being the victim of domestic abuse, and this is set to increase.

This is an increase on previous years, due to enhanced awareness and reporting of incidents.

In my experience as a Probation Officer, whilst women are more likely to report abuse, there remains a lack of provision for those who wish to stay in their relationships, or feel that they have no choice.

What I offer:

*Focused support depending on your specific needs and circumstances 
*Development of personal awareness and true self-value – using a range of psychological, spiritual and humanistic techniques

*Identification of abusive behaviour – definitions, impact – and ways to resolve and avoid conflict situations
*Joint/family sessions where appropriate – call me for more information

*Safety and/or support planning as necessary

(The above list is not exhaustive – it is designed to provide a ‘flavour’ of the support that I can offer. I offer bespoke, tailored intervention that suits your individual needs and circumstances).