Child On Parent Abuse

A few observations:

There has been a significant increase in reported incidents, particularly during the COVID-19 lock down.

Many parents find it difficult to identify abusive behaviour (when does difficult behaviour become abusive?).

Many parents blame themselves for the situation. Elements of denial, humiliation and disappointment can cause difficulty in acknowledging and reporting incidents.

What I offer:

*Increased awareness of what behaviour is and is not acceptable/abusive.

*Focused intervention around appropriate and proportionate ways of dealing with abusive behaviour, including Non-Violent Resistance (NVR).
*Techniques/methods to identify problematic behaviours before they become abusive – resolving and avoiding conflict.

*Intensive family days – including exercises and worksheets as appropriate – lunch and refreshments are included. Please call me for further information.

*Targeted support plans – mutually-agreed, realistic goals and objectives to achieve with your child.
*Certificate of completion
(The above list is not exhaustive – it is designed to provide a ‘flavour’ of the support that I can offer. I offer bespoke, tailored intervention that suits your individual needs and circumstances).