About Me

Alan Betts BA (Hons) CCJ, Dip. PS.


It’s fair to say that I have not lived my life the easy way. I spent a majority of it trying to please others and forgetting/ignoring my true self. I left school as soon as I could, achieving a single ‘O’ level in English Language. I moved from job to job, became involved in criminal behaviour, and took no responsibility for myself or others. I suffered with anxiety and depression from a young age, although this was not diagnosed until around 10 years ago, so I used to mask it with the use of drugs and alcohol, culminating in a spell at a rehabilitation facility. My addiction (that’s what it was) to pleasing others led me into friendships and relationships that were unhealthy – I have  experienced domestic abuse and, if I’m honest, have also perpetrated abusive behaviours, although I didn’t recognise either at the time. Don’t get me wrong, my life has not been terrible – I have had some amazing times and experiences – but it hasn’t been a bed of roses either!

Credibility and Motivation.
My life in terms of the above started to change in 2009, when I began training to become a Probation Officer. A core part of the studying was around human behaviour, why we do certain things and how we and others are affected by our behaviours. I started to learn more about myself, why I had lived my life the way I had, how my behaviour impacts on others, and vice versa. I have worked daily with male and female people from every background, to facilitate change, encourage self-reflection and live a better life.I have extensive training and practical experience in working with negative behaviours, including domestic abuse, and addressing underlying issues such as blame, denial, control, distorted attitudes andbeliefs, as well as substance misuse and mental health.

I have been ‘treated’ by various counsellors over the years, with varying degrees of success. However, around 2 years ago I went to see a life coach/spiritual guide, and I have not looked back! My life has changed beyond all expectation. She has helped me to discover true self-value; reasons why I have chosen certain paths and situations throughout my life; my place in the universe; my strengths and the beauty within my soul. I am now living a life that I would never have imagined previously, my true life. I will never exist on other peoples’ terms and I will never compromise my sense of self, in any situation. I will never again suffer or commit abuse, including within an intimate relationship.

What I have learnt, together with my life and work experience as detailed above, has provided me with the knowledge and tools to help others. I now take great pride in supporting individuals and families to live happier, healthier lives, free of fear and conflict.I do not offer a ‘one stop shop’ model of therapy – I employ a range of methods in order to target support at the specific needs of individuals and families, including work and discussion from psychological, sociological, humanistic and spiritual perspectives.

I look forward to hearing from you.